Universal Trade Consultants LLP

Universal Trade Consultants LLP provides expert independent consulting services that are integrated across multiple technical disciplines. We enable our clients to reach decisions using our broad project experience and superior knowledge of engineering, technical, contractual and planning issues. We translate corporate objectives into project deliverables.

We strive to reduce the risk to the client and increase the validity in the project delivery process. Universal Trade Consultants provides a practical and real life understanding of the corporate and project interface, and transforms that knowledge from the corporate objective into tangible project deliverables. Our expert staff works side-by-side with clients to reduce their risk and to create opportunities for success in their business.

The full range of our consulting services is extensive and includes the following major categories; performance, over operations, management, and compliance/legal conformance.

Performance services include:

  • Ensuring the Client's long term viability and enhancing the financial position;
  • Technical and Commercial assistance for products in the ceramic, packaging and beverage industry;
  • Formulating and overseeing implementation of the Client's corporate strategy;
  • Helping draft the business plan, budget and corporate policies;
  • Monitoring/assessing performance of the Client, the Board, management and major projects; and
  • Overseeing the risk management framework and monitoring of Client business risks.


At Universal Trade Consultants our Overall Operations entail the following:

  • Establishing the Client's vision, mission, values and ethical standards;
  • Drafting procedures to delegate an appropriate level of authority to management;
  • Demonstrating corporate leadership;
  • Assuming responsibility for the relationship with the Managing Director including his/her appointment, succession, performance assessment, remuneration and dismissal;
  • Overseeing aspects of the employment of the management team including performance and succession planning;